Technical Due Dilligence

Performing Software Due Diligence requires the evaluation by an experienced software architect and developer, who can identify how well the system has been designed and code has been written and documented.

Based on our teams previous experience of developing products and propositions sold at a national level into hundreds of NHS Trusts and thousands of SMEs (GP’s) with over 150,000 users, we believe that we can support the due diligence process by evaluating the target companies product.

As our team have been through technical due diligence as sellers and acting on behalf of buyers, we know it is important to be professional and manage the relationship well during the process. Our reviews aim to help confirm Scalability, Maintainability and Continuity

We will

  • Provide technical due diligence questions to be used in the process
  • Evaluation the responses to those questions
  • Review a sample of the software code provided by the client
  • Provide a review of sample supporting coding documentation
  • Look at the development and quality processes used
  • Provide a complete verbal and a written report of our findings