Solution Design & Development

Sometimes you just don’t have the right people with the right skills available when you need them for that urgent software development project. Sometimes you need support from a company with the right experience that can help you fulfil that project on time and at a reasonable cost.

Arissian is that company, we work with clients and partners to deliver software solutions that can be on premise or in the cloud. With recognition for our previous ideas and innovations you can be sure we will help you get ahead of the game future proofing your investment and being there to support you when you need us.

With a knowledge of the systems and API’s to a number of clinical solutions in the NHS we are able to offer local support as needed to help with integration and interoperability.

Why use us?

  • UK based team, ready to listen to your needs
  • Over 20 years industry experience
  • High quality solutions
  • Fast delivery
  • Fast return on investment

Our core skills include

Software Development

We are a microsoft full stack development house utilising .Net and Asp.Net MVC technologies.

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Frameworks (bootstrap, jquery, jqueryui, jquery mobile)
  • Real time Messaging and Monitoring
  • Webservices (REST / SOAP)

We can help you move from On-premise to Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.  Help plan and design SAAS solutions.  Help you leverage IAAS for virtualised environments and cloud based directory synchronisation.


We are experts in Local and Cloud Databases, Design and Legacy database Migration.  Specialists in Sql Server, MySql and DocumentDB

Legacy Development

We’ve been around for a while and have experienced many technology shifts.  We know how to plan and execute seamless shifts from old to new software technologies without impacting your customers.